Ray’s Race Car

http://puertopenascoampi.com/our-agents/robin-miller/ Years ago, one of ACDelco's marketing strategies to sell it's batteries was to sponsor race cars in the NHRA and NASCAR racing circuits. Then it decided to stop sponsoring race cars. One of the race cars ACDelco sponsored was an NHRA Pro Stock Chevy Cavalier built by Jerry Haas Race Cars in 2000. It was driven by Kurt Johnson. Haas had built two Chevy Cavalier race cars. The car was so popular at the time that Action Collectibles produced a limited 1:24 scale model edition of the car.

source link The car driven by Johnson was retired from drag racing and sold to a drag racing fan who wanted to make some modifications to it and race it himself. Somehow the car ended up in damaged parts abandoned in a storage container at Big Boyz Toy Box. The owner of Big Boyz, Ray Noreika, a drag racing fan himself, discovered that it was a race car built by Jerry Haas and decided to restore it to its NHRA racing days. Ray purchased one of the Action Collectibles model of the car and contacted ACDelco for permission to use their name on the car.

follow link Ray, a former Oldsmobile Master Technician, rebuilt the engine and body, and rewired the car to NHRA chassis and safety regulations so it could participate in NHRA's Top Sportsman Class. He rebuilt the 598 cubic inch DART M Block with DART Big Chief Heads, the 1200 C.F.M. Holly 4BBL carburetor, flow tested it, and dyno tested it with C14 race fuel at 1,005 HP at 7,100 RPM. He replaced the 5-speed manual G force transmission with a 2-speed power glide sheet metal transmission. A MSD Grid Computer System was also installed to monitor and control the performance of the car. The only thing missing to restore the car to its original race condition were the original rear wheels. Coincidentally, Ray happened to get in contact with the owner of an auto repair shop in Pearl River, NY who happened to buy the other Chevy Cavalier built by Haas. He sold the rear wheels to Ray.

Once the car was finished, Ray renewed his NHRA Driver's License and raced it for enjoyment in 2015 at a few of the Northeast race tracks.

Once word got out about the rebuilt race car, Tonsa Automotive and other ACDelco distributors decided to display the restored race car at their sponsored events.

When not on display, the race car is stored at Big Boyz Toy Box. Stop by if you want to take a look at it.