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We're A Full Service Repair Shop

From oil changes to full services to periodic manufacturer's scheduled maintenance and new tires, we do it all. Once we work on your motorcycle, you'll never go anywhere else. Yes, we're that good. 


Brakes & Rotors

A lot of motorcyclists ride around with low brake pads. We check the brakes when we service your motorcycle to make sure there is sufficient brake padding so you can stop quickly when needed.



A lot of motorcyclists ride around with bad tires and under inflated tires. We check the tires when we service your motorcycle to make sure there is sufficient tread and proper air pressure so you have good traction when you ride. If you need new tires, we can order new ones for you or you can order the ones you want online, have them delivered to our shop, we'll mount them and high-speed balance them for you for maximum performance. WE ARE THE ONLY MOTORCYCLE SERVICE CENTER THAT HAS A HIGH-SPEED BALANCER.


Motorcycle Storage

Store your motorcycle with us when you're not using it. 


Indoor Storage for Cars

Store the cars you're not using with us.


We Also Buy & Sell Used Motorcycles

Give us a call if you're looking to sell your motorcycle. And come check out the used motorcycles we have for sale. They are posted on our "Motorcycles for Sale" page and they are in A1 condition, serviced and inspected by us. 

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We're Here to Give Motorcyclists the Best Service in the State of NJ

Call us to set up an appointment or ask us about a problem you have. 

Big Boyz Toy Box

156 East 15th Street, Paterson, New Jersey 07524, United States

(973) 742-7900

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